I officially became a published poet today. It made me feel really great at first but I just declined in happiness. I showed the book my poem was in to my family and I felt really accomplished. Later my mood went to meh 😕. I have been feeling like a failure. I feel ugly and worthless. Most of the time I just cry about it but I’m sick of crying. I’m tired of feeling sad. I want to be happy for a change.

  1. ezuna2011 3 years ago

    Hey hun, ur probly an amazing writer.

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  2. lindsmarie 3 years ago

    It’s okay to feel however you feel whenever you feel it. And happiness doesn’t happen overnight. it takes work and focus and effort.

    Also, you are published that’s really, really amazing.

    I hope you feel better soon. If you need to talk I’m here 🙂

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