1. The day was like any other. Dark and gloomy, with rain pouring down and soaking everyone. Kelsie scowled out of the window, hating the rain that was pouring down. She wanted to move somewhere sunny, but she knew that wasn’t possible till her good deed counter was up to at least 100. She was only at 10. True good deeds that would go onto the counter were hard to find in highschool. Her parents had left last year, having gotten to 100 each. She was alone, and it was up to her to pay for everything. Which was fine, her parents still sent money. Just barely enough to get by. But she was fine. She bundled up to walk to school and pulled on her rain boots, making sure to tuck her pants into them so that they wouldn’t get wet. As she looked at the clock, she cursed, and ran outside, her feet pounding on the pavement to get to school on time. 


As she skidded to a stop outside of the school doors, she realized that everything was too quiet. Not a sound could be heard from inside the school. And she knew that there was no break today. That meant something was wrong. Anything could happen, she realized. Today could be the day that made her counter jump. If there really was something wrong, and she saved some people, she could get out of here. Not that she really thought she could do much. She could already hear police sirens in the distance. Kelsie scowled again and then quietly opened the door to the school and made her way inside. As she slunk down the hall, she could hear hushed voices coming from some of the classrooms. When she peered in through the door, she saw many terrified faces looking at her. She raised a finger to her lips and then beckoned for them to come, leading them outside to safety. Kelsie did this twice more before taking a break for a moment.


Kelise sighed and slumped onto the ground, wishing that she could sleep. But she knew that without the police being here yet, there would be no break for her. She mustered up some energy and stood up, ready to go back in. As she passed through the doors once again, she glanced back, seeing the many faces that were counting on her to get their friends out. She hoped that she would be able to help like they wanted her too. But she was only one person, there was no way she could save everyone. Right? Caught in her thoughts, she almost too late heard the footsteps coming towards her. Quickly, Kelsie hid, her heart pounding in her chest. As the steps drew closed she tensed, ready to knock the person coming close out.  Right before she lunged out to hurt the person coming she realized it was a group of students being led by none other than Parker, the girl she had a crush on. Kelsie stopped, shocked, before springing into action and leading them all to safety. As she led them forward, she noticed two people in the group. The two kids that she considered siblings were there. Kae, her sister, and Ash, her brother. She sighed in relief knowing that they were out.  Then she went to run back inside the school. 


Someone grabbed her arm before she reached the doors. As she turned, she saw that it was Parker, with a worried look on her face. “Be careful, please…” Parker said to Kelsie. Kelsie nodded once and ran inside.   Once again she went forward cautiously, this time paying more attention for footsteps. As she entered the hall that was closest, the lights flickered, and she flinched. The silence was starting to get to her, as it wasnt normal for it to be so quiet. Even the apartment that she lived in had more noise than the school at that moment. Kelsie shivered and rubbed her arms. It wasn’t  that cold, she was just nervous.  


Kelsie froze as she heard a tapping sound from ahead of her. She knew that sound. But what was it from? She couldn’t remember.  She searched her memory, trying to think of what it was from. Cursing herself, she shook her head and went forward even more cautiously. As she rounded the corner, she heard someone whisper at her to stop. She turned, startled. Two eyes stared at her from the dark space in between the lockers. As far as she knew, there was no door there.  But she was proven wrong as the person opened a small door that was hidden in the shadows. 


“Come on! We have to move quickly!” the voice told her. She looked back briefly and then plunged into the darkness. The air in the tunnel was musty, and it smelled like there had been no one in the tunnels for years.  There were cobwebs hanging from the ceilings, and dust was so thick on the ground that you could see footprints from the person who had found her. It looked like the person had been the only one inside for a very long time.  Kelsie took a deep breath. As she followed the person through the dark tunnel, she heard what she thought were whispers.


“Go back, go back, go back,” they told her. She ignored them and trudged forward.


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