The weather was amazing today! I walked the dogs for a mile

It was nice to be able to hang clothes on the clothes line to dry as well

My good news is that a trigger that reminds me about “the upsetting situation” didn’t bother me today!

It seems that the bedtime happiness guided mediation helped.

Also, I am sleeping with a weighted blanket! It was a good decision to try it.

I live in the same neighborhood as my inlaws.  It has had its ups and downs.

The down is my mother in law looks through our garbage can and recycling.  It is creepy!

The good is one of my sister in laws is pretty nice.

The other sister is law can be okay.

The brother in law is going through a divorce.

I am on a overnight out of town trip tonight and want to use the hotel pool tonight but I am too tired.  I will swim tomorrow! The pool has a waterfall and has l e d lights in it that change colors   Here it is 7:30 and I am already in the bed already!

I am here for safety for my daughter verses her traveling alone when need for her job

I hope that everyone sleeps well this evening!



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