Today I accidentally dropped my purse 👛 outside  with it unzipped.   Did things go flying everywhere? No.  Why? Everything (oral care, lip care, first aid) are together in categories in clear kitchen bags.  Wallet is in a zipped pocket.   Phone is in a zipped pocket.

Where were my house keys? Of course, on rosy with the color coded wrist strap bracelet.  Or I can attach them to the side of my purse.

Where are my electronic item chargers when not in use? They are in their home.  They live in a clear zip up bag together when not in use.

Where is my make up and skin care? Skin care is divided by night and day use and live in different containers.

Eye make up? It is in the eye make up bag.   Face make up lives in face make up bag.

Laundry mist he completed and put away before going to bed.

Were the pets fed? Yes, the fish eat twice a day at the same time.  Plus, there is a checklist for it that is done.   The dogs? They have dry food available 24/7 and have the option of wet food everyday at the same time.

Is my car clean? Yes, I have a waste collector bag and Lysol wipes that are used daily   Car trash is emptied daily and all surfaces are sanitized and dusted

The structure prevents anxiety.    Organization is fed by my  internal need for it.

I decided to rename it! I have outstanding organizational skills.   I refer to it as o.o.s.  I see no disorder in the gift! 🎁


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