Hi all,
I’ve been thinking lately about tribes and what we are all missing in our lives.
It started from watching these two TED videos:

There’s more to life than being happy
This could be why you’re depressed or anxious

The first video made it clear to me that I don’t have any of the four pillars as she calls them (sense of belonging, purpose, transcendence and storytelling); the second video is more about social support (ie. belonging to a tribe), which covers belonging and purpose.

So I’ve been wondering… what’s out there? Are there support groups that try to create belonging and purpose?

That eventually led me here… but I still think something’s missing. The site shows the number of members – over 125 thousand – in big numbers, but is that a good thing? Tribes are small for a reason… you can’t forge meaningful connections with a large number of people… it just becomes another social network that you can’t keep up with and feel alienated from.

I think it would be nice to have smaller groups that try to be closer together. Probably not more than 100 people each. Initially I was thinking that having a common theme or topic would help, but now I’m thinking that diversity would be better in the end. Having all sort of people with all sort of experiences.

What do you guys all think? Would it help to have a smaller group of people that you interact with daily and get to know well over time? The sense of purpose of helping each other and being there for each other?

I hope to hear some opinions.

  1. leighoved 2 years ago

    i love how you thought about that and i completely agree with you in regards to smaller groups where we can interact on a more personal level

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    • Author
      giesse 2 years ago

      I wonder if enough people would be interested to start something as an experiment?

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