Well I have tryed to actually talk with my parents after all the stressand unease they they put me throughthey have put me through. I remember the day I called my "mother" and told her I was aproofed for a apartment in Rochester, the one i'm in right now, and than she going off on me like I was wrong, with me telling her it was only 515 a month, and her replying you don't make 500 a month, like I was that stupid and like she knew more about what I made, than I did, long story, but the weeks right before I moved into that sip in royal oakthat they forced me inmove into 6 years ago,they (mostly her) tried to contact the people in charge and stop me from moving, saying stuff like oh I couldn't do in that I needed supervision, blah blah blah ect, when they the parents(?) have a son called alan whom is kinda slow going on 30 living under their roof, who they need to worry about more than me, which I tried to tell my mother? that, only for her to tell me that I had no right to question her, and no right to tell her how to be a mother. than they call and tell me S66t like why are you not calling us, come over and talk to us about it, when I chose not to call to avoid conflick, cause they won't listen to what I have to say, (been that way my whole life), than tonight after weeks of not talking to them, I text my mother and ask her if she and my brother the one living with them, wanted to come see my apartment, a few minutes later my father(wiseguy) calls me I try to tell him, about how I felt and he acted like I had no right toquestion him about mybrother living with them at 30,so I hung up, he called left a message andsaidsomething like "I can keep cutting off him and my mother, since i'm grown, and have to live with the concequeces" veryharshly, well just as I waswritting this I sent him atext message "No disrespect, but if I was trying to not talk to u or mom I would have not called u back, and try to work things out, just cause ur older and wiser doesn't make u always right, alans my brother and yes I have a right to worry and ask about him, you help jay pay off his dets and help him and his gf move into a house cause they had a baby their fault, and not help alan by allowin him to still live with u at 30' y all wont be there for al forever, and than u had said things to me, as a child that still hunt me, like I never would amount to anything, and I try to forget and move on, and ur acting like I'm just subhuman to you now, everyone has agreed with me ur not a very good parent, joyce took me you have your own problems to face to, from back when you drunk, no hard feeling, that's the thing that bugs me and why I been avoiding u and mom, I'm trying to heal, what about u?" So what did I do so wrong?


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