How was your day?

What was the best part?

Were there any surprises?

What are you looking forward to in the morning?

I took another snow on the trees picture! It is in the blog picture.   t is still snowing outside right now!

Maybe winter is my favorite season because I was born in the winter ❄️!

Is your favorite season the season you were born?

I didn’t sleep well last night so I took a long nap earlier!

Then, after getting things done, I went to a thrift store and found….

a very realistic artificial plant in a wicker hanging baske ! 3 dollars

…..and a fabulous clothing item that was half off so it was only 2.50!  Odd how the color blue is more of a option on me since my hazel eyes turned green! The brown is gone! I don’t know why but it happened over a period of five years.

The former house we had featured  a laundry  room right off the kitchen.   It sounds logically good but I didn’t like doing laundry with that set up.

In this house, we have a washing machine and dryer in the unfinished part of the basement.   I like doing laundry here and even putting it away!

We have a indoor clothes line as well that makes a huge difference! It is better for our clothes then the dryer and it makes putting away clothes easier!

If you use vinegar in the washing machine in the place of fabric softener, you end up with really soft clothes and it keeps your colors from fading! No, the smell of vinegar is not on your clothes after washing machine is done,

A store had poinsettias plants on sale for a really good price.  We bought some and went ahead and passed them out as Holiday Season  🎁 gifts! Done!

We called everyone and them to check their front porch.   It was a success!

Do you like poinsettias? I don’t care for them. Plus they are poisonous for pets from my research     If I am wrong, let me know.

I bought 3 small angel plants for the kitchen window tonight! I will be include pictures of them in another blog! Two starts are doing well! My peace plant is thriving    I have another one with flower shaped green leaves that is bushy and big! I highly recommend it! If I still have the care tag, I will share the name of it!

My alarm is going off on the wee hours of the morning to give someone a ride to work!

Sweet dreams everyone!  😴 💜 🛌






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