Well. so far this week has been….. It's actually been pretty nuetral. I haven't felt any sort aof strong emotions. I havent felt anythig really other thatn extream boredom. but that is normal for me. i'm always bored, even if i'm doing something i'll get bored of it pretty quickly.

Now, today. I actually felt kind of crummy in the morning. i pinched a nerve or pulled a nerve. i don't know. but now i can't really move my left arm to high or to foward or back. same with my neck. i can't tilt my head back or turn to far left. tha ruind my day.

But one good thing that happend today was that i managed to succesfully register for next semester classes. Usually it takes longer and i have trouble registering for classes. and there's usually a problem and i can't registar for curtain classes. this time. there was no problems and it only took me around three minutes to register. the only thing is, i did not get the class i absoulutly wanted, which is Chinese 2A. they only offer it every other semester i guess. which really sucks. Hopefully the department changes its mind and opens the course befer the next semester.

On the plus side. i registered for Spanish. it will be the very first spanish class i have ever taken. now i get to know how bad my spanish really is. You would think native spanish speakers would speack perfect spanish or the spanish they teach you in school, but nope. Its all filled with slang and curse words. all i'm really worried about is my writing. i can't spell to save my life in spanish. its a shame but hopefully i learn. Maybe by summer i will be able to send my grandpa a letter with out any spelling errors.

Any who. i hope you guys are having an okay day.


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