Well, today i had another therapy session. It went pretty well, but then she brought out the pen and paper. She hasn't done that lately, but every time she does write things down i get worried. I told her about the drawings. she didn't really come up with a reason of why i might enjoy that. she was more intrested yet worried at the same time. She didn't make it obvious, but i was able to see in her eyes that there is something not right with me. But i guess she was trying to think of a reason that i may be doing that, cuz she didn't even say anything about getting back on the medication.

But she is still worried about my lonliness. She recomended me to a group. Which i gues might help, but there is one other girl at the time. If it stays at this size then what is the point? Hpoefully it will help though.

Now that i put a question out there, here's another. Is it okay to have a friendship with your therapist? i don't know why, but that is what i feel when i see her. and sor some reason, i have a feeling that she cares a bit more about my situation than her other patients. i may be wrong though.

On an other note. there's a little black dress in my closet that just hangs there and mocks me. I only bought it cuz i thought i might use it for a Valentines day party. but nope. it just sat there. now it just makes fun at me knowing that it won't have to be worn by a short, unappeling, deppressed girl. and it's true. it might never be worn. it'll just hang there. but as it hangs it will soon want to be worn. it won't care who wares it, as long as it is worn. then who will be laughing at who…..

I don't know. i'm tired as hell. i need a full 24 hours of sleep.

anywho, hope every one is doing alright.


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