Well, I found out that the lbgtq+ are coming out to people and they kill them!? All because of their religion?! And 1 man was killed and look at the photo closely it was for the guy who was black, and gay. WHY!?

Oh, and taking another person’s life is a SIN!  So, have they ever thought of that? No, they didn’t because they are too focused on what other people’s sexuality is! We didn’t get to choose it, and we are never gonna change! We will stay strong and be us for who we are! No more homophobic people! I want to help people who don’t like us because they don’t understand! They aren’t us! They always say ‘think about what you’re doing’ or ‘mind your damn business!’ so why can’t they? They are such hypocrites! They don’t know how much people hate us and like us. They won’t ever understand the pain of losing a fellow lgbtq+ member! I can’t believe they would do such a thing like this! What has our society become? What happened to the caring people? I know there are people who care, but not as much as homophobic people… We need to stand up for what we believe! We need to fight for our respect from them! They can NOT take away everything we have! They have so much more, we need more people to support us. Please stand up for who you are and don’t listen to those homophobic hypocrites, they wouldn’t understand anyway! We are who we are and we are beautiful. Don’t change for other people they are only bothered because they are jealous that we are proud of who we are. Love your sexuality!~ Please share this I want them to know we are gonna fight for what we do and are!

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  1. garfunkal 1 month ago

    wow where do you live ? I have heard of people being stoned to death in places like Brazil for being gay, My X partner is gay and he is now married to a nice young Brazillian guy. So we have heard horrific stories from him. I think no matter where you live there will always be prejudice from some people but here in Australia it’s accepted more and more and there is same sex marriage now and lots of support for the LBGT community.

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