Hey I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links in these but.. idk if anyone has seen my last post or cared but I was in a relationship it feels like forever ago now but it wasn’t that long ago, I was with someone who had bpd, who hurt me constantly and I really was crazy from it. Over these past months I’ve gotten with other people made new friends, healer friendships I lost because I was told to not talk to them by my ex or didn’t have time for them because of her and I’ve felt things, I’ve been treated better and I trust again and I think now I can really say I’ve healed from one of the hardest things imaginable emotionally, being in love with a borderline, which doesn’t sound like it would be that much of a tasks and it’s important to not hate people with bpd because they can’t help it and they’re people too, it’s just very hard to get through it. Anyways today I found a video that for the most part described the steps I ultimately took to get out of the pit of brokenness that I was in, and that really would’ve helped me if I had seen it sooner. https://youtu.be/BMIIsR701to

oddly enough today was my first exes birthday and I didn’t even care so I know I’ve really gotten over her and healed. I’ve been in a relationship since then where I really had feelings and cared for the other person but was ultimately thrown away because someone else was in the picture, and I thought I had gotten over my past relationship then but that breakup thrusted me back to the worthlessness I had become, I don’t blame either of them and I don’t feel victimized by it, I’ve been in another relationship for a little over a month now and it’s healthy and I’m happy. And I’ve gotten better. Anyways this was just a rundown of how things have been, if anyone needs someone to help them get through something similar or just needs a friend in general I’m here, and I’m a pretty nice person.


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