Hello everyone! 

The picture above is the way it looks outside here .   I took the picture this morning.  

How are you feeling today?

I feel grateful, calm, relaxed, happy, empowered, healthy, and productive.

I appreciate my soft clothes, another good hair day (2 in a row!)

Also, lotion, my favorite light blue pen, my five senses working, ability to walk without pain, knowledge, the possibility to gain more knowledge, the smell of the scented candles in the house, healthy people,  and plants.

I like the sound when watering plants when the water touches the soils that is followed by the dripping water from the hanging Pothos plants above the sink.

I like trimming the leaves of the plants and removing what needs removed.   I like misting the plants with water.


Remember that you are enough and worthy of love and acceptance!

You can work towards goals and dreams, one decision and action at a time.  

Some days, this may mean that you focus on not making your life worse.

Remember that your best is always good enough.  

I am proud of you for trying on the worst days and am happy for you on your better and best days!

Others days, it could mean tiny steps that add up to small changes.  

It all makes a difference and you are worth the effort! 

You matter!

I believe in you!


It is raining here right now!

So far, I have….

Loaded the dishwasher 

ran the dishwasher 

put away clean clothes 

put away shoes 

let the dogs out and in (repeat)

lit scented candles

took my vitamins

drank liquids

Consumed foods 

took one of my son’s to work


Later, these tasks will be accomplished…

changing bedding 🛌 

changing cloth table cloth

pick up son from work 🚗

work on doing laundry 🧺 

make dinner cooking 🥘  🍴 


Thanks for reading!

Sending positive thoughts, hope and motivation to everyone!

Lacey 🌸






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