OK, I will give this new site a try. I found out that two emails had been sent to my address, but my service provider sent them to its spam folder. (Not my own Outlook on my computer). I NEVER go to that site to look for spam. Guess I should check once a week. So there was an attempt to contact us and warn us of upcoming changes. Guess that is better than Facebook as I think they just do it. You usually hear friends in the first couple waves complaining and anticipate you will be next. But, The Tribe could have put a message at login or sent a link to our private messages. That way, anyone logging in would see it.

I would say “First Gripe” but I have already had few too many so here’s another: How do I turn on spellcheck or whatever it was called in the other system? I am a horrible typist and questionable speller. So maybe I’ll have to write in a Word document first and then copy and paste to here. Ai…too much work.

Even though my profile pic showed up in some places, I had to reload it so it was on my page and not just some fish picture. So friends, if you don’t see your profile pic, figure out how to get to your page and reload one.
I opted out of a couple of groups and have stayed in Depression Tribe only. I don’t want to muck up what I see and have everything get clogged with stuff I don’t want to read. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my friends and some newcomers, but sadly that may be a problem of the past as I hear so many of you are considering leaving. Jury is still out for me. I may stop writing blogs as those can be seen by any and every person who visits the site, non-members included. If I just write short posts, only my friends will see them, I think. Not sure yet. Maybe it is just tribe members who see them.

Still waiting to see how the “reply” function works. Does only the blogger or poster get notified or do those  who have responded to a blog or post get notified when someone repsonds to their reply? (Like Facebook, person X replied to a post you commented on or are following). It would make communication easier. Sort of like some other discussion sites where you are notified of comments on a thread you have been following. If that is in the upgrade, I am for it. Will be disappointed if it isn’t. (Dang, I keep waiting for Autocorrect to kick in).

Went to the orthopedist today. Got a Cortisone shot in the knee. If nothing is torn, then this should knock out the rest of the inflammation and I’ll be good to go. If the pain returns in two weeks, that will imply that I have more damage (torn something) and will need an MRI and possible surgery. Supposed to feel better tomorrow. I was OK earlier today as the anesthetic to give the shot killed the pain for the afternoon. I really don’t think this will work as I can now feel stuff touching and moving when I bend my knee. I told the doc I am going to Yellowstone on July 12. His response was “Yellowstone is more of a driving park.” I wanted to call him names, but politely said, “I’ve been there before and know I can see a lot from the car, but I enjoy walking the trails to the geysers and waterfalls. I had even hoped to do a bike tour this time.” He then tried to “sell” me on going to Glacier National park, “It’s more remote and rustic.” “Thanks, but I have a wedding in Idaho Falls. Yellowstone is just 1 1/2 hours away.” And you idiot, it’s too late to get accomodations anywhere else even if I could change my plane tickets without charges. Don’t you love how people want to sound superior in their experiences and put down your plans? I alluded to that in my last blog when I mentioned a coworker bashing the price I paid for my first house after I had bought it. Why do people feel a need to point out the problems or shortcomings of your plans and tout their own superior experiences or plans. Why could he have not just said, “Hey, it’s a great place. You can still see a lot from the car.” Then later on mention that if I ever had the chance, “Glacier is a great park as well. Of course you’ll need to have the knee working well, but we will have that done before you can make plans to get there.” See how much nicer that sounds.

I have to go upload some old photos of my daughter and a childhood friend. She will see her tomorrow and I want them to look at old times. It was a time when I was very happy. We spent the days playing outside in the driveway or on the swingset in the backyard. Those were simple and wonderful times. I will try to enjoy them without crying and longing for them. Sort of like enjoying memories of a lost loved one without mourning. I’ll give it my best shot.

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  1. proanamia 6 years ago

    I absolutely hate when people point out my shortcomings like that, I can see why he made you so mad! As for the issue you had with your coworker, I definitely work with people that do that same thing. It’s terrible, they’re just using you to try to make themselves feel smarter and wiser. Only you know what’s best for you, no one else. I hope your knee feels better, that sounds like a really great trip!

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