So. This morining i woke up and got ready to make a complete masacer af the admissions and financial offices. My friend came along for support. On our way i decided to walk through campus instead of around. it was to damn foggy and the drivers around here are impatient and don't pay much attention. while walking through campus. a guy walks up to us greets us and very politly askedus if we knew where the entrance to the library was ( the entrance is hidden to the parking lot). At the time my friend and i just look at each other. he then explained to us that he was a freshman. we then we made small talk with him as we helped him find the entrance.

That was when i knew this was going to be a good day. There was actually no blood shed at all. when i got to the admissions office asking why my classes where dropped and why i couldn't enroll, the man attending me was very quick yet polite. it was two aginst one. it could have been three if my other friend didn't have class at the time. they directed me to the financial aid office where a trainee helped me. he was eh. but all in all, i got my classes. i was able to get most of the classes i wanted and i'm happy.

I was also intoduced to more people as well. Never have i thought i would make a friend by saying " Is she a bitch i need to slap," but it happend. I just wish i was able to spend some time with my other friends. but hey. It's okay. it was a good day. despite the fact that i was totally unprepared for the classes i did have today. but it is not my fault. i only enrolled this morning.

anywho, i hope you guys had a good day.


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