What am I supposed to do when someone very close to me opens up about being suicidal. When your told your one of the only reasons they don’t. To be told to keep it to myself. I can’t betray their trust and I try to be there for them, but I know I’m not enough. I can’t do enough. I try to be there, I try to keep more stress from bothering them, but I can’t stop everything. They have so much stress and are so deep in depression that nothing seems to help. They won’t listen to reason about telling a professional. They’re medicine doesn’t help enough. I’m lost. This person is incredibly important to me and I hate to see them hurt so bad. I’ve been there through past attempts. I’ve stopped them before, but I want to stop them before it gets to the point that it’s already happening. I want to help them be happy. To be able to make it through their day to day. What am I supposed to do. How do I help them. I just want to help, but I’m lost. My hands are tied and all I can do is be there, but it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Maybe I’m just not enough.


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