Hi everyone!

It is Friday and I am feeling content.   I hope that everyone is blissful, healthy and content today! 

I would love to read your answers to those questions  in the title! We all have such a unique story and we can all learn from others experiences! You can answer in a private message if that would work better for you! 


What was the best day of my life so far?


My best memories / best days  so far

They were visiting a dear friend, mother figure and my role model.   I would walk up to her covered front porch and admire her flowers in the colorful pots, and her wooden porch bench swing.    The chains would squeak a little when I sat on it with her and we would talk for hours.   Her blue eyes showed wisdom and love.   Her messy red hair and her dirty gardening gloves…. Her eyes lit up when she saw I had come to visit her! She was always glad to see me.   I was the little girl across the street who needed love and attention.   She was a widow who was retired from being a nurse. Maybe she was lonely or maybe I gave her a purpose.  

She taught me that life is about making wise choices, learning about other people, making others feel better when I can, and keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you.

  She passed away but now lives in my heart and she will always be my inspiration! She meant a lot to me.   


What does my favorite perfect day look like? 🌸


I would wake up and get my daily home tasks done.  The day would be cloudy and it would be raining outside.   Scented candles would be lit all over the house.    After taking my vitamins and eating a little bit of food, I would cover up with a soft blanket and read a book that doesn’t have a predictable ending.   My mind would wonder with the plot of the book to a world of different options, landscapes, personalities, and situations.   My dogs would be laying on lap or next me as the heavy rain would be falling outside with the beautiful gray sky as my view when I looked outside.   It would be lovely to have replaced carpet with wood floors for the perfect day! I love the feeling of my bare feet on wood floors.  I miss the wood floors from the other house.  The day would end with candles lit, soft blanket, the hum and water movement sounds of the fish tank filter in the background.   Then, I would blow out the candles and lay on my silky pillow case and think of what I have to be grateful for with at least one dog snuggled against me.


What experiences made you who you are today?🌸


-people with ill intentions inspired me to be better and rise to be the best person I can be!

-challenging childhood situations (abuse, endangerment, neglect etc) taught me to count on myself and know how to give up on people when they show their true colors (and they have bad intentions toward me.) I learned to both walk away from toxic situations and people and STAY away! 

-struggled to find a role model as a child since parents were how they wee (which  led me to finding the worlds best role model that I wouldn’t of looked for without the toxic base family situation as motivation!  She told me to never start some avoidable bad habits and other pearls of wisdom that changed my life.   She loved me! She didn’t have to but she loved me!

-the world of books gave me a temporary escape from situations and my life when needed from early on 

-there is more I could type out  but I am stopping for now 


Off to blow out scented candles….

Maybe I will drive to the lake to read….


I wish everyone a safe and remarkable evening! 

Lacey 🌸


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