i have this problem i suck at first dates even if i know the girl pretty well. we could get along great before that, but when the first date  comes no matter how much i prepare it goes to shite. last night i had a date with a girl who i met online who also live 3 blocks from me. we met online and hit it of great we joked and flirted. so we decided to do something together. we decided on going to this little cafe and rent some movies and go back to her place. i was nervous because i knew what she looked like but she didn't know what i looked like. so i walked to her place ( we decided to walk earlier ). took her to the cafe. i was felling nervous thats normal and it started all right, but as the night wore on my anxiety just got worse. ur typical mind leaves body so u go blank and get clumsy, it didnt help that the movies we rented sucked. it ended when her friend called and was at the bar and was to drunk to drive home. so she had to leave. the worst part was though at the end i saw her walk into the kitchen i was getting ready to leave and waited for her to come out of the kitchen. i had forgot that the side door was in the kitchen she was waiting for me out side while i was waiting for to come out of the kitchen. i really dont know how long the time was it could have been 30 seconds or 5 min i dont know. it wasnt really a bad date and its not like she was blowing me off it just i always seem to have bad first dates. no matter what the situation i just freeze i know its normal to be nervous but i go to a different level. this is actually one of my better first dates. 


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