Today I feel grateful, calm, relaxed, happy, content, empowered, healthy, creative, and productive!

So far I have…

Showered, dressed, and  got ready for day

Drove —— to work

made lunch for ——-

wiped off placemats

cleared dishes from the table

loaded dishwasher

took dirty clothes to laundry zone

saw beautiful winter sunrise

watered plants

fed both dogs

fed both fish

improved kitchen (cleaned and shined surfaces, swept floor etc)

improved hall bath (cleaned surfaces, and shined faucet and mirror)

Lit scented candles

Opened curtains and blinds

gathered garbage from waste baskets

took out garbage

put in fresh garbage can liners

let dogs out to potty and the let them back (repeat over and over)

replied to a correspondence

It is going to warm up to a “heat wave” for winter weather of 50 today! Then, it goes back to “real winter” weather again!

Thanks for reading!

Remember that you are loved and that you matter!



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