so sorry! I've been off for awhile, for a bit it was daily breakdown related but then my sister-in-law, who lives in the next apartment building or well lived, found out at the beginning of October that she had to move out and then near the end of October found out that apparently all the open housing was on the other side of the island. -_- So because I like her and hers, my huband and I agreed they'd stay with us while she looked for something. So 4 adults and 5 children (9, 6, 4, 1, and 7months) are currently living in my 2bed/2bath apartment. Let the crazyness begin.

My jaw locked shut last Monday and Friday it wouldn't even open enough for me to take advil for the pain. I ended up at a swanky dentist, they had tvs above the chairs! And learned that my muscle basically is cramping because I'm stressed. Goody. It seems that I'm falling apart because of stress, I have multiple, if not daily, breakdowns during the week. Thankfully I have yet to seriously breakout in hives, as apparently I do because of…… guessed it, stress. My body constantly hurt, my head constantly hurts, I feel like an emotional mess. I've let my school slide a bit but I've found that my PHIL class actually helps me relax! Now that we're doing symbolic logic it's like doing these problems relaxes me. I know that even in school doing math was a relief to me although I can barely get through basic mulitpulcation and division. They were easy to me because they had solutions, the more complex they were, the more they challenged me, the more I would relax. My brain would latch on, and obsess in a way, about the problem. Working tirelessly to find the answer, and because it was so wrapped up on that, I wasn't as anxious or worried about everything else. It occupied my brain so that I could think, I suppose.


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