sitting beside myself and watching as i fail

watch the struggle between peace and despare

scream to myself but i cannot hear the words

a lifetime of pain marked as my meaning of life


crying on the inside dead to the world on the out

frustrated at a neck breaking pace i bow my head

sit up late at night trying to figure out whats left

mad at the world. why does it happen to me


feel myself slipping away. eternal death comes

pull myself up just for a moment. sink back down

find my comfort in my destruction. am i insane

my only friend will be myself when i reach the end


thoughts of those around. people who need myself

cry to myself. help them all day long. i fade within

find another who understands. a cruel thing to say

to lose myself. to much to bare for another day


misery loves company. i sit beside myself

trust burned to the ground. keep everyone away

afraid to love. hate myself who would love me

scared to go another day. afraid to die tonight


no hope to have. a reason unseen to wait again

watch life pass bye. regret surviving the start

lost from day one. maybe the end is closer

lost cause. the world is right through my eyes


to sad to cry. lost in the sea of my mind

beg to let it out.a single tear on the pillow

wide eyed at night. in the dark alone

wishing this a dream. cant wake up


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