There was once 3 men who lived in a huge mansion in the land of Phawia.  There was Mashilic the oldest, Okus the youngest, and his brother Goomer. The mansion was built 900 years after war broke out between the Phawians and the Aerabilites in the neighboring land of Aerabilitmodia. Which Goomer and his Okus's father had fought in as an archer. His name was Gloth. And Gloth was the most fearsome man of the arrow in all of the realm of Thirgia. Him and his Wife's brother Boothus built the mansion 4 years after the conflict ended between the peoples of Phawia and Aerabitmodia. Boothus was a general of swordsmen. After the war conflict ended Gloth's wife Einfari died from the effects of a witch's curse. A witch whom had a vendetta against Boothus, for one of Boothus's men had slayed her son Eck (a Evil mage) in battle. Since Gloth's wife died after the battle, him and Boothus along with 3 of Boothus's men has fled the realm of Thirgia, never to be heard from again, Some say they went into exile, others say they became pirates. But no one really knows. However the curse Einfari was damned with has cursed the mansion too, in which Goomer is now lord of. Now Goomer and his brother Okus along with Mashilic have yet to learn of the damnations that await them in the household of Goomer. Who knows what awaits them. Do you?
Mashilic was a farmer in his younger days, on the outskirts of the village of Ockth in the Western part of Phawia. He had two in a half square miles of land. With such a huge farm, he had hired six workers. A man named Gel who was in charge of his cattle. Mashilic was well known for his ability to tame any land animal, the size of a elephant or smaller. He had cows, pigs, sheep, geese, ducks, bears, hogs, chicken, scorbs and tilethians. Scorbs are creatures that resemble scorpions. With 8 legs, pincers, 8 eyes, a tail like wipe with a stinger at the end of a venom sack. However with their body structure they favor the looks of a beetle. They get about the size of a dog or wolf but some species have been known to grow to the size of a bear. They can be very fast like scorpions. They have very keen eye sight, hearing, and smelling. They have the intelligence of German shepherds. And Are commonly breed and used in warfare. Like scorpions, Scorbs can be very deadly venom wise or have a mild nonfatal sting.
Tilethians can very in appearance but generally look like spiders or tarantulas. But grow to be a little bit bigger than horses. They Can bite, some can deliver a dangerous fatal bite. And like scorbs are also used on the battlefield. They can be ridden like horses. They too are very smart.
Markus was in charged of Mashilic's crops and maintenance of the farm. Both Gel and Markus had two helpers they were over. Mashilic was in charge of Gel and Markus along with their helpers. He was the big boss and owner of the farm. Which he operated for 67 years, till one day Aerabilite pirates burned down the village of Ockth. And made a deal with Mashilic that him and Gel along with Markus could keep their lives if Mashilic gave up the farm. So it was. Gel and Markus went their own way and mashilic wondered the country for 6 years Until meeting Goomer. Mashilic told Goomer about the attack of Ockth and his farm. So Goomer and his brother Okus agreed Mashilic could move in to help put his skills to use to help take care of the mansion.
That day Goomer met Mashilic, Goomer so happened to go hiking in the nearby forest of Zarkindar. 3 miles northwest of the city of Scorbthvillage where him and his brother Okas resided in the mansion their father Gloth had built with the help of their uncle Boothus. As he would every Sabbath go to and watch the wild scorbs of Zarkindar. Yet wild, they were use to people. As for thousands of years, it has been a religious custom for many Thirgians to watch and ponder the wonders of scorbs. Sometimes feed them fresh apples or plant matter. As in most parts of Thirgia they were considered a holy animal. Forests were always a common place people would go to find the least hostile of them in Thirgia. They can be very friendly, playful and affectionate animals. Even wild most scorbs that were commonly found in Thirgian forests were too. They were commonly kept as pets.
So Goomer was out for his weekly Sabbath journey to and through the forest of Zarkindar, and the only thing he had to offer to the scorbs was his rations of pumpkin seeds. He only had enough for himself. As he met to bring the scorbs some lettuce. But he forgot to pick some up from any merchant in Scorbthvillage on his way to Zarkindar. Cause he was so worked up about the nightmare he had Saturday night, about a feline serpent(a snake with a cat's head. The evil creature from the netherworlds. Looked upon as a symbol of pure evil in all of Thirgia). In Goomer's nightmare the feline serpent arose from the tomb of his mother Einfari (which was in a graveyard half a mile away). With a Earthquake that grew and grew as the feline serpent arose. The feline serpent grew to a mass ten times bigger than a dinosaur. Than Goomer in his nightmare saw the bloody beast sliver all the the way to his and his brother Okus's mansion and swallowed it whole. It was so terrifying to Goomer he woke up with his garments soaking wet with his blood. But he wasn't hurt just a little weak from blood lost. He had sweated blood. But he didn't let that stop him from going to Zarkindar to feed and observe the scorbs. As Goomer was a real religious man. He just told his brother to stay and guard the mansion, while he went to Zarkindar. Okus didn't question his brother, and nether did Goomer tell him about the nightmare.
So Goomer got to Zarkindar. It was such a beautiful forest filled with live. And he reached into his satchel and he saw he only had the pumpkin seeds he brought for his lunch. And as he feed the scorbs. He said as a pray out loud "oh hear me my lord, it is I Goomer son of Gloth, Thicken my blood with life, for I have given your holy guardians of the land of Phawia my last of rations for my pilgrimage!!!" As Goomer's eco died to a pin drop, he saw a old man approach him. "Greetings Goomer son of Gloth! I am Mashilic the wanderer!" Said the old man, with a warm smile. Mashilic pulled out some bread, and said "such a holy man such as yourself must be hungry. Here eat of this bread, and be revived, my son" as Mashilic broke off a small piece of bread and gave some to a scorb. Goomer thanked Mashilic and said "let's rest here" as he pointed to a log "tell me about yourself" Goomer continued. Mashilic laughed "with great honors, shall I pass my wisdom on to such a holy man as you.
Mashilic than went on (to Goomer) "I was once a farmer for 3 scores and 7 years, few miles from a village called Ockth in the western part of the country. Fore I started wondering the land 6 years ago. I remember that sunny summer morning. I was out tending to my scorbs, and hogs. And to the horizon towards the sea of Uaka, I glazed in terror, as I saw three pirate ships arise from the horizon. And as they got closer, they went down the coast to Ockth. And I started to fear for my farm. I feared not for myself as I was old and labored. Ready to rest my bones back to ashes. I yelled to my servants to take cover as I heard them pirates scream. I than could tell they were Aerabilite Pirates, by the tongue they screamed. As they charged Ockth from a beach with their swords, axes maces, and scariest of all their crossbows with flaming arrows. There must had been 'bout 20 men, I saw a charging Ockth. Oh my child it was quite a scene, hearing the cries of Ockth. And seeing the village burn down. Didn't take but 5 minutes fore Ockth was history. The smell of burning flesh along with a huge sense of complete doom blew in the wind from Ockth up my nostrals. Than my ticker almost a stopped. See, my father spoke aerabilite. As he was a slave in Aerabitmodia, during the war. So I could pick up on what they were saying which was "Hoyth garm Cloogia ma! Ferbleezen!!!" which met trouble for us on the farm. As they said "look there's a farm over there! Attack!" As I saw what looked to be the leader gesture his sword towards our farm, they a charged my farm. When they got closer they saw how big and nice it was. And they saw me, than I heard "Gefeeon!" (wait). And he walked up to me. Must had been a very educated man for a pirate as he spoke Phawian clearly. And he said unto me "only because you have such a pleasant farm. I shall offer ye and your farmhands, your lives. If you shall grant me all your land and, cattle." The pirate went on with a wicked chuckle "we don't need you or your two foremen, just your 4 peons. So what will it be our steel and your blood or your land?" So I called for Gel and Markus my assist foremen. And told them what the ringleader had said unto me. And we came to an agreement we 3 would leave the farm and go our own ways. So I told the leader "please just take our land, than spare us our lives." Than he shouted as he grabbed his sword from his sheath "THAN MAKE YE SELFS SCARCE FORE I CHANGE MY MIND!!!" So we 3 ran for our lives.
So Mashilic Asked Goomer where he was from. Goomer replied "Well my Father Gloth fought in the war as an archer, and after the war we never heard from him again. My mother was dying from a curse from a witch. Who's son was a evil mage who was slayed in battle by one of our uncle Boothus's men. Our uncle was a general in charge of swordsmen. We found out by a messenger sent by one of our uncle's men. Who said a fellow warrior had defended a very evil mage in battle. Of a well known witch in Aerabitmodia, whom it is believed put a curse on our mother Einfari. So it's just been me and my brother Okus residing alone in a mansion built by our father Gloth and Boothus our uncle. Ever since our mother died 4 years ago. It's been a lot of work for me and my brother for the upkeep of the mansion. Luckily our mother left us with enough money in her will, So we could make it by. However the funds she left us are slimming down. We have jobs but only make a few pieces of gold a day. Okus my Brother is a merchant in Scorbthvillage. And I am a carpenter." Goomer said unto Mashilic. So Mashilic stated "I have wondered the land of Phawia for six years now, with no place to settle. Since my farm was overtaken by pirates. And my flesh is not getting any younger. So I am looking to settle. So take me to the Mansion your father has built, for the dwellings. And I shall be of great use. As even though my bones are old, I have many skills and a wealth of knowledge to offer to you and Okus. As well as to teach you both. So you can get better jobs. Consider it a blessing we crossed paths my child" Mashilic smiled. Goomer than noticed although Mashilic was seasoned. He was muscular for his age. Muscular enough to even wheeled a sword in battle if he had to. With Mashilic's hair white as snow, shoulder length, sparkling gray eyes, And well kept goatee; Goomer saw a honest looking Wiseman he knew he could trust. As just by Mashilic's physical appearance, he couldn't dought Mashilic's account. That he labored all those years on a farm. Not only as a laborer but also a leader. He also could tell he has wondered the land of Phawia for a few years. Perhaps through towns, cities, villages and various wildernesses in all kinds of elements and terrains. And must have encounted many dangers. From perhaps outlaws, animals, beasts, and who knows what else. So Goomer said "well let's go before dust hits and leave Zarkindar. For the mansion built by my father Gloth, with the help of Boothus my uncle. It's 3 miles southeast of here in Scorbthvillage. Follow me"
So Goomer went to get his brother Okus So he could introduce Mashilic to him. As Mashilic stood at the door waiting for Goomer and Okus. He had a vision. He saw one of the pirates that had overtook his farm appear as a ghost. Who whispered to Mashilic "Ma scorbera exita bluk ha kalaira" (the scorb will bled to death, from the power of felion-serpant) Mashlic in his years knew that, that meant a evil force was present in the mansion. So the ghost vanished into blood that poured into blood on the floor and disappeared. He wisely said nothing about the vision as he did not want to offend Goomer or his brother Okus. So Goomer returned with Okus. Mashilic greeted Okus and gave the same account he had gave Goomer. So than after Mashilic asked both men if they would let him stay with them. They both agreed greatly he could stay with them.
So Than Goomer told Mashilic "follow me, let me show you to the part of the mansion that used to be our father Glooth's. Which will now be yours for the dwellings". So they walked up the stairs all the way to the seventh floor. "this shall be yours. We will not charge you rent as Okus and I can tell you sure no matter how many fights and seasons your flesh has collected, don't seem like a lazy nor bitter old man. However as you can see the mansion is starting to fall apart. And my brother is not as handy as I am. So I can only do so much work around this huge mansion my own self, plus I'm very busy around the town fixing things for people. So busy I'm starting to run behind. And I'm worried about losing clientele. So could you use your skills to help us keep up the mansion. And do some major and minor repairs around the mansion?" asked Goomer. Mashilic laughed "no problems there my son, I'm so skilled I could build you another mansion only by stone, stick, hand, and clay if I had to. I been through so much out a wondering the holy Scorbus's (the god most thirgians worshipped) blessed land of Phawia, that I actually learned more during the 6 years I wondered the country, than my 117 years of being around." Mashilic noticed all the old armors and weapons of Glooth's hanging from the walls. It made him curious about Glooth. So he asked Goomer "tell me more about your father. He seems like them Aerabilites really must have feared him, his arrows and bolts along with all his comrades, during the war.
So Goomer told Mashilic about Gloth. He was amongst the most skilled men of the arrow in all of Thirgia. So skilled and good that most of the fearsome of Aerabilite troops trembled with word of him or his men being nearby. He was so skilled that the king of Phawia sent him in first to the most dangerous parts of Aerabilitmodia along with his men, during the war. mostly in the mountains which were well known for being populated by very dangerous beasts to encounter; the pimmer. Pimmers were lurking beasts native to the mountains of Aerabilitmodia. They had very sharp teeth and pincers. they were very strong and fast. Adult pimmers stood at 17 feet tail. They had wings but adult pimmers weighed so much (like around 900 pounds) that they couldn't become airborne. But could use their wings to propel them at a running speed of 100MPH. Males grew horns on their foreheads. Younger Pimmers however could fly, the younger they were the higher they could go. They had skin so thick that that that it was almost like stone to penetrate. They were worth alot; Cause even the elite of elite of experienced hunters had to hunt them in groups of at least 7, just to ensure some would survive to harvest the riches of the pimmer. their meat was a delicacy among the wealthy as it was very delicious. It was so pricey though that it was mostly only served on the holidays; even for the rich. As for their skin and other body parts were used to make weapons and armor in Aerabilitmodia.
Besides the Pimmers were other animals, also colonies of outcasts. Some of which had been begatton by generation after generation of so many people with diseases and deformalities that they were no longer considered human nor animal; since most of them (anyways) still had human inteligence, they were called monsters. Some of which had super strength. Our father not only was very phyically fit, but was a very smart and educated man who spoke all dialects of Phawian even for the Islands. And every Dialect of Aerabilite. And many other languages of Thirgia, some even from different realms other than here in Thirgia. After the war he came back to take of our mother who died only 8 months after he returned. He was so beside himself thanafter that him and serveal other of his best friends who were also his comrades in battle left the realm of Thirgia to somewheres unknown; on one of his ships. It's very unclear to us all why he left. As he didn't say much the last mouth of our mother's life. As to where he was going or what his plans were thanafter. It's very humored that he and his men went into exile, or set of into the unknown world to look for answers as to why Scorbus would let our mother die. As to seek out a new god. Fear he may had lost faith in scorbus. he and his men left being very armed; as if they were setting off into the seas unto piracy .




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