The macaroni & cheese started to congeal the longer it sat unattended.

The ceiling fan spun around and around, tilting lopsided and making a low grumble as it twirled.  
          I have always been convinced that one day that fan would lob off old Aunt Toots noggin, but not before her wig flew off and landed in the dirty dishwater.    

          Dishwater that has been sitting for three days or more forms a gelatinous orange rim around it;                                                                                                                      of course there are never any dish gloves for miles and miles and why is it always MY turn to do the dishes on those days?
         I always wonder what this domestic stale cocktail tastes like,
            not because I am really thirsty, but because I have an impulsively morbid state of curiosity.        
                             'They' say curiosity killed the cat.
                                         Well now I want to know, who 'they' are,
                and how does one sign up to be a feline observational onlooker?

                            Kitties have nine lives so this job must be slow going,
                                          never-ending shifts consisting of eyelid gazing and sticking                              bubble gum under unsuspecting desks.

     I love bubblegum.

Whenever I go to Mexico there are always little boys and girls trying to sell me Chicklets.  
                             Ah ha! I have an idea!
 Sometimes when I enter the dream realm I am spitting out my teeth.

      Next time one of these dreams start to turn into a nightmare
I will just use those little white Chicklets as pseudo grinders,
mmmmm then my breathe will always be minty fresh.



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