Today I went to see my doctor in my new city for follow up. I still have some pain in my lymph nodes so she sent me for more blood work. She is amazing. She spent a lot of time with me, she is very knowledgeable, soothing.

Later in the evening my previous doctor, from before I moved here, called. He is also amazing. The kind of guy who likes his fancycars, I would almost say superficial, yet withsurprising depth and so caring. Not quite what I expected from him. When I was going through my whole ordeal, he told me 2 things. First, he saidpeople do good deeds and bad deedsand it doesn't make them intrinsically good or bad. Which soothed me when thinking of the guy who exposed me. Then,he said if it was a big deal for me, who was he to judge, that he never judged his patients, he was just there for them. I try to remember that and never judge people on how they react, they have their reasons. He gave me a hug when I needed it the most, he became a truefriend.

It's funny how I never had good doctors before and now I have these 2 amazing ones.

On another note, my best friend and I are not talking anymore. He actually felt I overreacted and reproached me some other stupid stuff which I am not going to list here. I am disappointed. I try not to be as in the end, this friendship was not bearing juicy fruits anymore, but it hurts to come to this realization… He has become bitter andintolerant, racist. I also felt he disrespected my family as he said mean things about my sister, my cousin and my father, people who mean a lot to me.I forgave him that and then what, he can't accept thatmy exposurewas tough for me (it was also a lot about the treason involved)??? Friendship (and relationships in general) is more than a walk in the park to me. But talking bad about people I love is the one thing you shouldn't do to me andI can be VERY resentful for aLONG time.Not going back there. 15 years of frienship RIP. Guess it is through hard times you see who your real friends are and those I least expected turned out to be the greatest supporters. Plus I made amazing friends.

As for my life, it is going very well. Not quite yet totally back on track, but I love my job, I will finish my masters in May, travel to Europe to see tons of friendsand then move in my new flat with my companion cat. Just me and my cat! 🙂 Not quite ready to date yet, it's just not a priority in my busy life at the moment, but… getting there.

Much love to all of you.

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  1. reichul 11 years ago

    aww hugs…..

    well i hope in the future you can patch things up with your friend

    travel here in asia lol! and come see me i'll show you around

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