A few weeks into OCS we were out in the bush in the middle of nowhere and had been for a week. We thought that we were headed back to base b/c a number of jeeps pulled up. We were told to get in and then we were blindfolded. what the fuck? the jeeps drove around and every 10 minutes or so they told someone to get out. I had no idea  what was going on. Then it was my turn and they dumped me on the top of some hill. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. get back to base? dig in and wait? It was about 5 in the evening and it was early March (we were in the Arizona desert) so it started getting cool and then cold. I had nothing on aside from my fatigues and webbing. No jacket, no sleeping bag. I figured the best thing to do was to dig a foxhole and just wait for whatever the hell might be coming. It got cold and then colder and then colder. I was fucking freezing so I grabbed everything I could – branches, leaves, dirt, even some camo netting that I had in my webbing – as if that was going to help. I lay in that hole shivering and miserable with my rifle trained on the greenish darkness. I had never been so cold in my life. About an hour later I saw a figure appear in my scope. who the fuck is there? Don\'t shoot asshole. Its me A. you scared the shit out of me, man. I\'m fucking freezing. What the hell is going on? I don\'t fucking know. You got a sleeping bag? No. A jacket? No. I swear I\'m going to freeze to death. Get in my foxhole and we\'ll have to huddle together to stay warm. Fuck you fag. Fuck you! you want to die out here? so there the two of us homophobes were hugging each other for dear life. It was too cold to sleep so we passed the night telling each other stories. A. was killed in February. He was 32 years old.

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  1. Jack21 12 years ago

    This is a little story about my friend A. who was killed in Iraq in February of 2010. Nobody told me that he had died until yesterday. I asked all the guys I\'m still in contact with (over 30) and everyone just that they thought someone else had told me. I went all these months not knowing that he had been killed. I wanted to just tell a little sort of funny story about him and the kind of guy he was – rough and tough on the outside but kind and caring on the inside. I will never forget that freezing night as long as I live – not just b/c I had to sleep hugging A. but aslo b/c it was the only time ever that a commanding officer of mine apologized to his men. \”uuuuuh. we\'re…….I mean…I\'m…sorry for leaving you guys out there last night in those temps. We didn\'t know that the temps were going to drop that much. Turns out it was in the fucking 30\'s. I just wanted to retell something of his life.

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