Last fall, i started Medical Lab Tech but at the end of the second semester i got sick. My anxiety made me so sick that it was hard to attend classes but i managed to pass all of them. It all started 2 weeks prior. I had to do reviews to get ready for 3 exams. On a friday, i started to get nauseous but i thought the stress was making me feel that way. The reviews were very hard and there was alot to memorize. My anxiety was at its worse. The next day, on Saturday, my nausea was worse but at the end of the day it got better. By that day, i was able to finish one of my reviews so i thought the stress came down because of that. On sunday, i was so much better that i didnt had any nausea. by that time i managed to work more on my reviews. For the next 3 days i i was fine and taking lots of exams. On Thursday, i did my last exam which i passed, just like the other two. on my last class i got bad anxiety and almost a panic attack. I got trough it just fine after a while and for the rest of that day i was fine. The next day which was friday, i got nausea again but this time was worse. Everytime i swallowed i got a gagging reflex which made my nausea worse. I didnt eat much that day. On Saturday, i was even worse. The gaging reflex was worse and i had trouble swallowing. By the end of Saturday, i was not able swallow much and on sunday i could not swallow at all. I freaked out and everything went down hill from there. I stop swallowing and i still have trouble swallowing. I went to all the doctors and every test ive had came out normal. Seems like is all in my head. I barely finish the second semester. If it wasnt because we changed to online because of the virus; i wouldn’t had finish the semester. I had yo skip the summer semester tough. At the moment, i feel a little better. Im forcing my self to eat every day but its been months and i dont know what to do. Fall classes are almost here and im still struggling with the swallowing.  Im a little dehydrated but im doing my best to drink liquids. The fall semester requires me to go to clinicals 2 times a week for 8 hours. Its a 2 hour drive. With this heat and me being dehydrated its its going to be hard yo make it through the clinicals and there is the problem of me being so afraid to drive. I havent drive for over 10 years but that problem can be solved if i was able to swallow. Ive lost alot of weight over 20 pounds and im still loosing. If only i could skip clinicals and take the 2 classes this fall semester but that is not going to happen. I ask the director of the program if i could skip clinicals and take the 2 classes but i know she is going to say no. Im going to have to drop the program since i have no idea how long i will have this swallowing problem. Im not  healthy enough to go to clinicals specially because i know that even if i get a lunch break i wont eat or drink anything for 8 hours and that is not good. This texas weather heat its not going to help either. I wish i could continue in the program but its not going to happen. I guess i just need to find something else. Im very sad about this but i have no choice. I dont know if i will ever swallow normally again. Its been more than 5 months struggling with this and i know its i in my head. I wish i could exchange this brain for another normal one.

  1. littlewing 10 months ago

    I had that problem about two years ago. Thats when I stopped taking classes. I just had to keep making money to survive. I understand the disappointment but you will find something you like to do. As for your trouble swallowing sorry to hear about that.

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  2. aquazium 10 months ago

    You’re very brave and strong to get through so much with your physical problems. I think that’s a miracle you got all those exams done! I get what you mean by wishing you could exchange your brain for another one that works properly:( I’m a Christian, and because of my faith I believe that God has given you the strength to endure this, and He knows what you’re going through and HE WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH TO CONTINUE ON. Somehow, this is all going to work out and YOU’RE GOING TO BE OKAY. I promise. We are all here for you. You’re going to be okay.

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