Lesson 286

“The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.”

What a wonderful opportunity I have today. I can practice holding the hush of Heaven in my heart as I go through my day. I can practice remembering that every choice has already been made. I merely have to open to the Holy Spirit and receive every decision as I appear to need it.

I can rest in that quiet place in my mind as I go through my daily activities. I can know that the peace of Heaven is mine right now to receive and extend. I can remember that everything I need has been given me and that I am safe in the Mind of God. I have never left. I can carry this in my heart and in my mind as I go through this day. What a wonderful opportunity I have to practice remembering the truth that all are in Heaven today.

All the seeming problems of this world, a sense of lack and loneliness, a sense of weakness and vulnerability, guilt and anger, are the effect of wanting to be independent of God, our Source. In our Source we have everything we need. But we deny our Source when we seek to be independent. By the grace of God, all that I need remains one with me, even when I deny it by seeking independence.

I need only make the decision to give up nothing and I will receive everything. I do not need to earn what is already mine. I simply need to stop denying it. With the Holy Spirit\'s help I can learn to recognize that every image in this world offers me nothing. As I learn His happy lesson, I easily lay down the empty images and receive the gifts of God. His peace and joy return to my awareness and I remember, "The hush of Heaven holds my heart today."

Oh yes, Grace, the unmerited gift, burdening us with only one request that we simply accept it. For acceptance is the answer to all our problems today and denial the source of all our distress. The first recognizes and revels in the Holy Instant and the latter stamps a foot in an egotistical temper tantrum in rejection, demanding that we should have it as we wish it and not as it is. "Peace and be still. The Grace of God extends forever."

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