Hello everyone!

Wow! New format to the website.  Hmm not sure what I think about it yet. LOL.

In any case.  Just thought I’d stop in and say hello.  Finished up the Degree and now i’m in a holding pattern until I start the next one.  Going for a BLS in Public Administration and Business Management.  I’ll be transferring in as a Junior which is fine with me by all accounts.  Just lining up the funding.

In other news retirement still is boring.  Got recruited as a staff photographer for a local 501c3 organization.  Pretty nice outfit.  Not getting paid any (great way to put a degree in Professional Photography to use. LOL ), however, I am establishing a decent body of work.  So I won’t complain too much.  

Retirement could be much more boring. But hey it’s something.  The VL is undetectable below 20 copies and the CD4 is slowly inching back up.  I’ve got a good team of specialists that have decided I’m worth keeping around for the time being.  Besides!  You know how hard it is to find an HIV Doctor that has a sarcastic sense of humor; and drinks as much coffee as I do?  Here’s a hint.  They are far and few between the coffee pots. LOL.  Nah.  My HIV Doctors are a pretty good team.  One is here locally and the other is down in Portland.  They are working hand in hand to keep me up and going.  Although there isn’t much they can do for the HIV related Fatigue.  ERGO the copious amounts of coffee, and tea that I seem to imbibe.  It keeps me going. So no complaints as a genral rule.

Well, it’s off to the sleepy land with me.  Darwin Kitty is tired and so am I.  On that note.  Wishing you all Love & Hugs.


  1. tecknique 6 years ago

    Hello Doogie!! Yeah a familiar name.!! new site is awkward..So pleased to hear all is well with you..!! retirement can be boring .But you have so many interests,I am sure you can find things to do ..Also congrats on you aiming high with your achievements..No limit as to what you can do..Things all ok over here. Have become engadged in the new Britex (politics) a great win for us to leave the controlling Brussles..Lots of names and faces are missing and it seems so strange..Although I was lucky enough to secure most of my LTS freinds we are now on facebook.. But have lost contact with about 400 old members..Someof the deceased members have been removed also those not active for long period of time.. Really not sure if they will return??..I miss so many of them..
    Anyway will go post a blog or two in forums, as no idea where blogging is for hiv/aids? lol xxStay well my freind and keep up the good positive news please..Tecky xxx

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  2. ucfdarkknight 6 years ago

    Hey Doogie. I’m not sure how I feel about the new format either. I’ve always wanted the Tribe to update the website, but I wish they would have transferred our old information.

    A lot of what tecknique hits home. I miss my old friends that i made here, but it was getting to the point where a lot of them were no longer active.

    Here’s to new beginnings, I suppose.

    Congratulations on keeping active and productive. That’s a great way to combat depression

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