Well I am in the middle of a Blizzard , Jan.6, 2010 . It has already snowed 11 inches and still snowing . Great for a snowball fight , however I am stuck at my friend's house with no coat , scarf or gloves . But actually as a kid that never stop me before . My imagination is just wandering , trying to think of something to do to for  fun .

I went to clean my Beta fish's bowl today and I almost washed him down the drain , I actually started to cry \"\". I know I injured his little fins on the bottom of his body , because I see his little bones sticking out and they don't have no fins on them , but I think he is o.k. He is swimming around like normal  but just looks a little different without  his pretty fins . I think I traumatized  him a little too. I know he is just a fish but I love him , he is my little friend . Everytime I talk to him at his bowl he actually comes to where my face is and just looks at me like he knows me . I just hope he survives this . \"\"

Oh well I guess I will just watch T.V. and think of something to do in the snow , with one of my N.A. friends , I was challenged to a snowball fight so I have to think of a sneak attack to get him\"\" . I know at the end of the fight I will be the one eating the snow but it's going to be fun \"\" , even though I am going to get soaked . Besides I haven't done this since I was a kid . \"\"

Well time to start planning and plotting so ……tribers ,


LI LI \"\"\"\"



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