I’ve spent a chunk of the last few months talking smack about the marketing campaign of the new movie Avatar.  My biggest problem is that, story wise, they show you the entire movie during the trailer.  There may be visual spectacle, but certainly no surprises in story or character development.  It seems I’ve bad mouthed it a bit too much, because I’ve decided I want to see it, and can’t find anyone to go with me.

Reason to see it #1:  Roger Ebert’s review was very convincing.

Reason to see it #2:  Peter Jackson’s Weta company did a huge chunk of the effects.  They have knocked it out of the park with everything I’ve ever seen from them, and it will whet my appetite for The Hobbit.

Anyway, even my 8-year-old son turned down the offer to go see it.  I figured I’d just see it alone.  However, the top two teams in the NHL, the New Jersey Devils and the Pittsburg Penguins, both with 51 points, are playing tomorrow night, so I can’t go then.  Perhaps I could go tonight?  Well, no.  I texted my (soon-to-be-ex) wife at work and asked if she was going out tonight.  She said she figured she would, after the kids went to bed.  I told her it was no biggie.

Unfortunately, that means she will be seeing him.  I hesitate to call him her boyfriend, because they haven’t even been seeing each other for much more than 2 months, but he’s definitely the guy she’s dating.

I won’t ask her where she’s going, or what she’s doing, because I know I couldn’t stand the answer.  Just her simple note saying she thought she would go out tonight hit me much harder than I was expecting, and I was braced for it.  My appetite certainly went to complete shit.  I was literally about to put dinner on my plate, and starving from not having eaten all day.  Now all I want to do is vomit.

But I’m trying.

I’m trying.


  1. tick_tock 14 years ago

     that”s all you can do.  (((((((((hugs)))))))))

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  2. heffaloo 14 years ago

    While I thank you for saying that there is someone out there who will appreciate me more than she does, there is another thing to consider.  I am painfully shy and distressingly anti-social.  I don”t like to meet new people, and I quickly grow to dislike most new people I manage to meet.  There might be someone out there who can appreciate me more than she, but the odds are that they will never get to know me well enough to find out.

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  3. heffaloo 14 years ago

    While I do want to be surrounded by her, I tended to dislike 99% of the people I met long before I met her.  When I was a senior in high school a girl came walking up to me and introduced herself.  She then asked, "Where did you move here from?"

    She thought I was a new student to the school.  I told her that I had moved to that town when I was three, had gone to that school for 12 years (13 including kindergarden), and that I remembered when she moved to town.

    And don”t think she didn”t know me because the school was too large.  Our graduating class was only 176.

    I didn”t make fun of her ignorance, but I don”t think she ever spoke to me again.

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