It is that day, again.

Father’s Day seems to be a day full of social norms and expected traditions and the way we should feel about a “male paternal figure.”

The day is about cook outs and good memories to be made to some people.  It could involve buying a card and gift to others.   Phone calls and texts could be the normal for long distance situations.

Fathers Day really can be sentimental and something to treasure or sad and loneliness

Also, some people visit final resting places to male parents or male people who filled that role.

The day can mean many different things to all of us and that is always okay.

Today can be filled with many reminders of painful  reminders of what could of been and wasn’t so in ones life.

It could of only been washed potential and poor choices of a father figure in a persons life.

It doesn’t help some people with disappointing relationships with father figures seeing ads online and commercials  with what looks like a healthy and loving father and child relationship leading up to Father’s Day.

Sending a thank you to every human who has ever loved a child or beloved pet because they opted to put the effort in and do their best every day.   The person could be neighbor, a grand parent, a family friend etc.

Today could trigger painful feelings for some fathers who are limited in contact with their children due to reasons beyond their control.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to nurture and love others.

If only greeting card pushing holidays went away went away! Some people would miss the traditions associated with commercial holidays    Other people would be spared feelings of isolation, emotional pain, and loneliness.

If you didn’t feel loved and treasured as a child, it doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve it,   It a reflection on the limitations on the person or people who were in the position to be loving and nurturing to you.

You are worthy of being appreciated for who you are and there is no one else like you! I am proud of you for doing your best every day with the options that you in your life    You are loved and special dear one.

Thank you to all the loving fathers out there today and everyday! People notice the big and little things you do.   Others are inspired by your actions and choices     You are making a difference.

Hugs to the dads who have lost their son (or sons) and are having a rough day today.   Your feelings of loss matter.    I hope the day passes quickly for you on this and every Father’s Day.









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