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“By definition, friends are the people you should be able to rely on for emotional support. If they are the ones causing your distress…well…you need to find new ones.

This isn’t unlike a romantic relationship, in that you need to know what you’re worth, and connect with people that build you up and support you. Lord knows, as human beings, we judge ourselves enough. We don’t need the outside help.

So what is a friend?

  • Someone you can rely on for emotional support
  • Someone you can confide in without the fear of judgement
  • Someone you can trust to have your back
  • Someone who you can share your interests with
  • Someone who will build you up when you are down (a fan of you!)

Anyone who doesn’t fit these criteria need not be granted with the official seal of a friend. They are just people in your life taking up space.”



The 3 Requirements of All Healthy Friendships
  • “Someone you like.”
  • “Someone who makes you laugh.”
  • “Someone who’s always there for you.”
  • “Someone who knows the worst of you and still loves you.”
  • “Someone you trust.



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