what a day. and i figure this is a good place to talk about it.
i went to an AA meeing today. a friend came up to me with a girl wrapped in a blanket, said she has been off meth for less than 24 hours and needs to talk to a female. since i have been there and done that (all too often for 20 years) i agreed.
let me say this girl is awesome. she got high for the last time that day and came to the club for help. she was homeless and scared. the codependent part of me wanted to take her home to be safe but i was given good sponsorship direction that said bring her to detox, they can help her better and get her started with a rule 25 assessment. i brought this up to her and she agreed. guess she does want recovery.
we were at the hospital from 1-9. hurry up and wait, more or less, until they could transfer her to a hospital that had a meth detox.
it was very hard for me to sit and watch her come down. we talked allot about needles. since i was a junkie this was really hard for me. i kept trying to steer the conversation towards the strenght and hope part and not some much on the experience because it kind of felt like i was reliving it. and it was pretty uncomfortable.
after she crashed i could have left but i didn't. i didn't want her to wake up alone. no one gave a shit when i was an addict. i wanted to show her that there are people in the program who do.
they got her into detox and she called me from there. it was a rough day but definatly worthwhile.

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  1. Page449 15 years ago

    I was going to say something really prolific and inspirational,but,my brain called in sick.So I'll say this,”20 years off the needle,10 years without a drink,3 years off prescriptions.I am still amazed at what kind of person would want to help a person like myself.It was an Angel like yourself,who understood the pain,but shared the other side.”I will always remember my last high,but more so,the person who made sure it was my last high.”
    We have truly been blessed by Angels.

    Thank You,

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