The task of watering the indoor plants today was quite ordinary but then it wasn’t.

First the large Peace Lilies were watered.   Their leaves are so large, dark green with a lovely shine.

Next, the Potho plants, so grateful for their daily drink with their lovely long vines with almost heart shaped leaves.

The Succulent and Cactus plants weren’t thirsty today.   The Teddy Bear vining  plant with its fuzzy purple leaves on the bottom and green color on the top felt moody.   It isn’t sure where it is happy in the house.   It doesn’t thrive near windows nor away from windows.   I am trying a combination.   It spends some time each day by a window and some time away.

One of the Spider plants is thriving and loves on the plant shelf by a window! The other I just moved back to the same window because it must be ideal light! 

The other house plants are doing well and were all happy to have a drink of water as well.

The tropical tree plant was thirsty and trying to lean over.   I straightened it out and may need to stake it.

Then, it was time to water the Fern.   Exciting, right?

I reached into the plant to remove the watering bulbs and…..

Then, I felt something moving on my the back of my hand and lower arm.   I looked down and saw…

… a baby toad 🐸.   

It just sat there seeming to trust me.   Yet, I have two dogs that might injure if it jumped off my arm.   I quickly took it outside and released it in a  fern like outside plant area.   Then, I moved the Fern outside and laid it sideways just in case there were more baby toads inside to get out. 

If having a pet toad didn’t mean feeding it bugs, I would of made it a terrarium and kept it!

The toads all know me from saving them from drowning in our pool and they live by our outdoor water hook in!

In the summer, pregnant ones hop along side of me when I skim the pool.

 One even sat beside me on the side of my the pool when I had my feet in after saving it. 

Country life



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