Ever have those Murphy's Law days where nothing goes quite right? [br] [br]

This morning was kinda like that. Not all bad, but I think I'd like to stop being brave for a while. 🙂 Started with dropping my razor in the shower. For some ocd reason, I'm not comfortable with things touching the tub floor, even tho I stand on it no problem and don't have any rituals for cleaning my feet. Maybe I think the suds running down take care of it? (shrug) BUT today I said to myself, If your feet are ok, then the razor should be ok. Pick it up and use it. [br] [br]

I DID! Brave! Then left it on the tub bottom to get rid of after my shower. Wasn't brave enough to put it back on the shelf to use again… but hey, I'm only human. [br] [br]

After the shower, I grabbed a glove to get the razor. Sorta brave. I had considered letting my bf get the razor, or just leaving it there, or wearing several pairs of gloves… So yes, taking care of it myself with one glove was kinda brave. [br] [br]

If you've seen some of my blogs, you know there's an ongoing struggle with the garbage. My bf takes it out cuz I am too anxious to touch the bags and bin outside. But he seems to enjoy seeing how long he can make one bag last, so the garbage is often at the top or higher than the edge of the trashcan. This means lots of careful dropping or hopeful balancing on my part. He just reaches in and pushes it down (then washes his hands normal). [br] [br]

Of course this is how the trashcan was so I aimed to drop the razor, let go, plop. BUT it hit a popsicle stick which BOUNCED OUT OF THE CAN AND LANDED ON MY BARE FOOT!! I can only imagine what my facial expression was. Oh Lord…. (The razor stayed in the garbage luckily…) [br] [br]

I think I stood there for a minute trying to figure out what to do. Full ocd would say shower and clean the floor and use multiple gloves to pick up the stick (if feeling brave) to throw it back in the can. Well, kinda brave today. I still had my one glove on, so I picked up the [email protected]%&# stick and drpped it back in the can. I threw that glove in too. I got another glove and 2 tiny alcohol wipes and rubbed down my foot where it landed. I admit I then used another glove and another 2 wipes. (They're the itty bitty ones you use when you get a shot and they wipe your shoulder first – like 1 inch by 2 inches.) [br] [br]

Ugh. This is almost funny writing that out. It sounds so silly. But these are things that would've been huge deals not so long ago to me. So to have actually dealt with them in this (semi) brave way is kinda cool. Even tho a non-ocd person would probably not even notice these things. Whatever. Welcome to my world. [br] [br]

Now I'm snuggled up in a new blanket that I'm scared about to prove to myself that it's ok. I think these have been enough for one day, right? Can the rest go smoothly? 🙂 [br] [br]

Stupid jumping popsicle sticks…. 

  1. marnella 9 years ago

    I related to this blog more than you will ever know, (and I go through a box 0f 100 gloves in less than a week)…..I am impressed with how brave you were today – I DO understand the bravery involved with the things you did, trust me. Maybe even more brave tomorrow? xo

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  2. telknit23 9 years ago

    Count me among those who can relate.  Especially to things bouncing out of the garbage–ugh!.  Only in my case, it's because I DON'T press it down, and all the paper towels, etc, I use to avoid touching things sort of pile up and things bounce off anyway.   A book on OCD (Jonathan Grayson's) suggested making a list of reasons why it's worth doing the work to overcome this condition.  Near the top of mine would have to be to stop wasting gloves and paper!

    Anyway, you did well today by cutting down on the number of gloves and using only the tiny wipes (I love those!)  Also by laughing at it.  Hope the rest of your day was easier!    

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