Well here is the downlow on the pre bday bash. I work as a bartender in a swingers club and I was off on Friday but decided to go out there for a small birthday party. We were having a great time dancing and socializing until the freakin’ cops raided us!! I have always been around cops since I was a little girl so I’ve always respected and trusted them, UNTIL NOW!!! They busted up in the place machine guns drawn screaming and yelling to a bunch of mellow non confrontational people, except my boss who was shit faced. I have never been so scared in my life. The warrant was for gambling and illoegal bottle club. A bottle club if you have ever been to one is where you bring your own booze and they charge you a fee for each bottle and for each drink you get. We don’t do that, you tip me if you’d like and we provide food and mixers for a donation. So  if you go to a friends house for a quarter game poker tourney and bring your own booze but forget to pick up a side dish and instead decide to give your buddy $30 for the food he puts out that is apparently illegal. Who knew!!?

I love the fact they called the media out and told them that they caught people gambling and doing drugs. The poker game got cancelled and no drugs were being used. Yes two people were caught with drugs but I mean really you can’t rely on others to be completely smart about drugs. I have and will never use them myself. I am smart about them. So now I’m out of a job in a town where the job market in very minmal at best.

So my birthday kinda sucked! Hopefully I will get a phone call about a legit job that I can feel safer even though I probably won’t enjoy it nearly as much. Being out there boosted my confidence so much I came off my ADs. So this really sucks!!!

So how was your weekend?


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