Am worried about me, currently deactivated again. Too much fear and anger and uncertainty is consuming me. I did nothing all day but sleep on the couch after a bad night/morning of Uber rides, got done about 4:30am, obsessively stayed on my phone even after I went home and layed down until about 10:am before finally falling asleep.
Now it is 7:30pm and I’m still laying here. Missed out on playing tennis in my Meet Up group at 5:30, missing out on a chance to get some outside air and good exercise(I need to realize that’s more important than how much I suck, as far as my tennis-playing ability is concerned, even though that perpetually frustrates the living hell out of me).
Now am just laying here, trying to decide whether to get up and go eat somewhere and then go see a movie and/or do Uber rides, or do nothing at all….
I’m….too frustrated and angry and scared and lost . I worry about me. Sorry about how self-absorbed this must sound. I truly love you all(no matter how little or how much I know you), and am always hoping and praying for the best for all of you, that either things deservingly stay good for you if they currently are,
or that things desrvingly get drastically better for you if you’re struggling out there and are well overdue for much better days ahead.
Rise above, good people. Hang in there and stay strong.

(Oh for the love of G-d, it’s telling me I’m short of 300 words again and can’t be “published” until I reach that minimum amount. Sigh.) Tell me, whomever was responsible in redesigning this site, why this obligatory 300-word minimum clause?!? Why in the hell would they require something as incredibly stupid as that?!? As if they haven’t ruined an incredibly wonderful site as it is, desecrating and all but eliminating the beautifully designed individual profile pages that so many people took so much time and put such thought and creativity into, but then they have to torment us further by requiring out blogs to be a certain length?!?)

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  1. bridgie101 4 years ago

    next time just fill all the spare letters up with xxx and oooo .


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