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My worst fear is loosing someone that I deeply care for. For example, one of my friends. Today, my boyfriend kept doing something as a joke, but would kind of get in my nerves. I kept telling him to stop, but he didn’t, that is until I snapped at him. After that, he ditched me, and is barely talking to me. I am scared that my worst fear is coming to life. I don’t think I can handle it. If that does happen, I don’t think I will be able to live with myself. The last time it happened, it took me about 2 years to recover because I couldn’t let it go. Someone, please give me advice. I don’t know what to do and I am scared.

  1. vee-r 9 months ago


    It is possible that he was only caught off guard when you snapped at him. The best thing to do is apologize and explain why you snapped. If he needs some space, give it to him. But also, it sounds like he is not handling it well to a certain extent. There needs to be communication. If he were to break up with you just because you snapped at him, it might be a sign of immaturity.
    Sometimes, things feel like the end of the world. I promise it is not the end of the world. Chin up!

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  2. garfunkal 9 months ago

    Have you tried therapy for this? 2 years is a long time to get over something

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  3. wisecrackingwaffles 9 months ago

    Hey, MageReov. Hang in there. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate to people how you feel. I think that talking with your boyfriend about how you felt about the situation might help. It might be good to express boundaries where you feel comfortable about teasing and joking.

    As for fear of loosing loved ones, I can relate. Sometimes, it is easy to want to hold everyone you can about as close as possible. But, sadly, we can’t keep our friends and family in a bottle for safe keeping. Over the years, I’ve learned the best way to enjoy being with the ones you care about is to love them for as long as you can. Try not to fear loss, but instead appreciate the relationships you have now.

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  4. Author
    magereov 9 months ago

    Thank toy guys for the advise! As for the comments that wisecrackingwaffles made, I have tried therapy for that and other reasons. At the time, I had told no one in my family about it because I didn’t want them to worry. Unfortunately, therapy didn’t help. I am trying new ways.

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