It feels weird that there is another persons than moved here, it’s not even that he is a new student at this school me; he a foreign student( from Italy). It pretty normal that I talk to foreigners all the time, but being by him all the time, feel a little weird, putting the too new students in the same class, side by side lockers. I mean he’s nice and all, but it kind of makes me blush, weird, don’t like him like that, like a friend, yes.

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  1. magereov 2 years ago

    In that situation, all I can say is: good luck. Not in a bad way! In situations like these, I can see one of three things happening. Either there is a more-than-friends relationship growing, you two becoming really good friends, sibling like or not, or something happening where you two may grow apart a bit and not talk as much. I do hope it is one of the first two though!

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