I need someone. And I know is stupid to say that will heal if I’m with someone. I’m not ready for a relationship but, i just need someone to talk to and just someone I could simply hug. I want to feel safe and in peace, being by myself doesn’t bring much to me. The amount of anxiety and sadness I have ain’t it. I’m tired of starving myself to avoid cutting, I’m tired of loving other snd feeling like i need them. I’m tired of walking out, I need help but I feel hopeless. I really want peace and happiness and is so hard to understand why I can’t find it and if I do find some happiness it doesn’t last. I’m tired, I can’t find a source for feeling better, I’m running out of options and I really just want to be home.
  1. alexelauria 4 years ago

    I am always here for you, feel free to messge me anytime you want

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  2. lilrusty 4 years ago

    You said, “I just really want to be home.”
    What’s your definition of home?

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  3. magereov 4 years ago

    We are here for you. I’m new to this website, but I can tell that everyone here will help others, even though we all have our problems. You can always turn to one of us. I hope that you do return home!

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