The vacation to Orlando was fantastic! I pushed myself to get on roller coasters I normally wouldn't which made me scream my head off….and it felt good. To be honest, the waiting in line was more nerve wrecking than the actual ride itself! My mom and I hit Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and on our last day, we had enough amusement parks and decided to go to the outlet mall and the indoor Flea Market. It was fun, thrilling, relaxing. It felt good to get away for little bit.


As far as the Cirque du Soliel….well, that turned out different. I had bought tickets for my mom and I but a friends' mother had passed away (whom I was also friends with) and my friend asked me if I would go with her so I said yes. I gave the tickets to my mom who invited a friend of hers at the last minute….then my friend calls to inform me she wasn't going. She fell ill but her girlfriend and her daughter would pick me up so I could go with them instead. Umm, no. I did think about it but I have no idea who these people are and I was going because my friend invited me…I planned on going with her not her girlfriend and daughter so I missed out on the show but my mom and her friend had a good time.


Sure I missed out on a fantastic show but I know myself and I would not have been comfortable going with total strangers. I am trying to be more open minded but I'm not that open minded yet.


Oh well, just goes to show, things don't always turn out as planned.


Peace everyone.


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