Well, The end of another long week (they go by so fast) of College is at a close. The instructors voices are now in playback mode, the textbooks are still in the daypack( I really should take them out and study), and well the fatigue is in full swing.

I knew when I started this that the biggest battle I would have is Fatigue. Not that I don't already deal with it on a daily basis. (Wonderful treat from HIV. Got to love it) Now, however, I am starting to worry that my body isn't going to be able to keep up this pace for another 3 years worth of school. LOL. Funny how these things work out. On the other hand I'm looking at this whole college thing as an experiment. Since I am aware that the HIV medications would do me a world of good should I choose to take them, I am also aware that this is a choice that I'm still not quite completely comfortable with (even near my 5 year mark).

I do have a Doctor's appointment up at the VA in December. Just after finals. LOL. Guess I'll see what the numbers say at that point. Who knows, my pet virus might suprise me and the CD4's might actually decide to go up on their own. The Doctor at least has one thing right. He supports my decision (after a LONG conversation with him about the fact that this is my life, my body, and my choice, and not his or the VA's choice) in consideration as to how I feel.

So for now, school is going well. While the memory thing is still causing me problems, I apparently am passing all the tests. (Not sure about Anthro yet). Midterms are almost here so until I figure out how to administer an IV full of coffee I'm stuck with a coffee cup afixed to my hand. LOL. Good thing they have a Veteran's lounge that has an unlimited supply of coffee on tap.

Well Back to the homework. Math is an ever present neccessary evil which I must put up with. Homework is due tomorrow. Love you guys. Don't know how I'd be able to continue this journey through HIV without this Tribe. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support and countless reassurances. Thank you thank you thank you SO much! Hugs to everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    bratt1166 11 years ago

     Wel glad to hear you are at east attempting the journey!! College isn't easy on anyone, be they + or not. The fatigue is a killer. I have a niece going to college just a few blocks from me. She even works in the offices there on campus but she says there are just not enough hours in the day…….she lives on mountain dew….lol So keep on keeping on it may not just be that your + that's making you exhausted. At least if it don't work out you can still say "hey I tried!!" and just slow down with your class load perhaps. Best wishes!!! Have a great weekend!!

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    beans 11 years ago

    Its always hard its been bout 5yrs this is torture aint that a sin jesus suffered so anyhow theres no way to really deal witit except dnt let it tire you or youll always feel like that andit will only get worse so stay active keep a bottle pulp orange juice handy drink plenty of water eat eatevr u want but eat dnt let it control u believe u mean it will a do a number if u let it godbless

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