So the last time I wrote, I was down in everything. But I came back home seen my doctor and was right. It was time to give my body a helping hand. I took a month to see where my body was at and the doc suggested practicing taking my anti inflammatory at the same time twice a day. I went back in may and decided to begin meds. I learned how important it is to take them at the same times every day and that if I have the slightest problem to call the pharmacist. The good news they expected the side effects to last 2 weeks. I luckily only had to deal with them for 5 days. I have been feeling better lately, I can feel my body picking it's self up. And fortunatly I see good things coming to me. I just celebrated my 23rd birthday last wednesday, and had an appointment to find out my numbers the next dayand I have to say I got the best birthday gift ever. My blood work showed that my meds are working and doing there job. I am now proud to say that my viral load is undetectable and that my immune system is going back up. I feel alot better then I did a month, even 3 months ago and I feel I made the right choice about going on meds. For the first time in 1 year since I found out. I believe I have found the light at the end of the tunnel again. Another thing that helped alot to was getting the date for trial so that I can finally close that chapter of my life. I can only go forward and be who I am. I have left the past behind and only took the memories and most important lessons from it. I also have to say Imon a great blog where I have people who just get it! And for that I have to say a big thank you. Expect much more from me and my writings because Ive been doing alot of it lately but its time to get some feedback. Thanks for reading, until next time!

  1. yk 10 years ago


    chrissy… nice to learn things are falling in line for you… continue with that joyful spirit and they will even get better…

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  2. chrissy_hiv 10 years ago

    Thanks, Im doing my best at staying positive and doing things that make me happy. =)

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