Today, like most days, has been full of wins and losses in my ocd world. The wins were big – didnt do my ritual for handwashing for the first time (Woohoo this is BIG for me!) and my bf and I went to a sports game at a stadium and I was hardly anxious! To give you perspective, a little less than a year ago, I couldnt force myself to go to that same stadium at all cuz of my contamination fears with the tight crowds and cuz Id been there in the past. I still tried to not touch people, but not much different than a normal person would and then when I did get bumped into, I just let it go or didnt even care! Not perfect, but progress! But also in the same day I “had to” throw away some new socks and a pen and do my handwash ritual. Ugh. Its never all good and there have been days that were all bad. [br] [br] Im not sure how to feel about today. Part of me is really proud of the good and part of me says “Well you know you should have done better cuz even tho you didnt do some of your rituals, you still did others so it doesnt count.” For example, I didnt do the handwash ritual, but I was super careful while washing so that I would be less anxious. But Ive been super careful before and still had to do the ritual, so doesnt today count for something? I felt ok at the stadium, but I still avoided a certain stairwell and paid cash for parking so I wouldnt have to touch the card reader. [br] [br] Do I have a right to celebrate these things or were they really just failures? I want to think positive of myself but I keep putting myself down/dismissing myself cuz it wasnt good enough. (sigh) Sorry this was kind of a rant…

  1. chez 10 years ago

    Well done you should celebrate that was awesome just let yourself feel good about today feel that achievement it is a wonderful feeling trust me once you get that good feeling you will won't more. \"\" Oh congratulations good work

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  2. raider916 10 years ago

     Celebrate! You should be proud of yourself for those wins. It is OCD that is trying to shoot down and cause you to doubt your progress because …well…its an asshole..and thats what it does. OCD hates to lose control. 

    Perfect isn't even good enough for OCD. That is why a lot of us do compulsions over and over again unti it feels right. Even if it's perfect, if it doesn't feel right to OCD, then it makes us feel like it's flawed somehow. So screw what OCD is causing you to think, and be proud of your accomplisments! Everyday that you can say you can do something that you couldn't do a year ago due to OCD, is better than "perfect". Congrats!


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  3. KylaRose21 10 years ago

    Thank you all! It truly made me smile and feel much better when I read your comments. Thank you thank you!

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