When your infected with HIV you sometimes carry other diseases.I am a bit embarrassed about what happened but willing to tell the story so others may learn from my experiences.I have had two wart in appearance outside the corner of the left side of my mouth.Well I went and seen my HIV doctor who told me it was related to high sugar diabetic type in fection.A yeast type infection.The surgeon I was to be referred to is no longer in the area.I call my doctor and the nurse says find my own referel.Because I am a kind of a glam type boy I hated these warts on my face.I considered cutting them out myself.Instead I go to the emergency room.I see a doctor who tells me she will refer me to a dermatologist.As I stood waiting on a bus to return home I decided to thumb through the paperwork I was given.Surprise it state I was seen for a HPV warts.This was never told to me.Upset I underestimated my doctors treatment ability in that he should have known.If not for the computer and the research I did I could have not wasted government money for nothing.I found out these warts ,HPV.A person can have been infected for years before they occur.I learned 80 percent of those who have it don't know it.It is a STD.Those infected ages between 13 to 49,some having multiple sex partners.Most all no cure and only treatment to burn or cut them out but they may re occur.So anyway called my pharmacy and spoke to the head pharmacist who I trust.He told me that I could use Compound W for a couple weeks with a bandaid.Compound W has a acid that burns off wart small layer by layer.Medical maze of tax moneys for nothing.If you wish I will be posting how this disease affects my relationship.


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