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i know that i have let anxiety really just take over and not really doing anything to big to stop it, but i want to change and i read this thing that said that when people have the will to change then they can be strong enough, over time to really do. im giving all the will i can and im gonna do it!!! im gonna make changes to my life. im tired of not liking who i am, or what i have become.

before my aniexty i was skinny, healthy, full of life, teenager, that did alot of fun and stupid stuff. well now i look at myself as fat, no drive, depressed, and boring and i dont love myself anymore. and im ready to change!!!! im gonna make a new me 🙂

im gonna start eatting better, working out more, and just taking my anxiety day by day. i know there will be days i just dont feel like i can do it but i know thats why i have this, i know deep down that with support and help i CAN and WILL do this.

i want to goback to schoool and finish my degree in Pediatric Oncology, and help children. i was put on this earth to do somthing big and im not gonna miss out on the oppurtunity cause im to busy be scared.

im not gonna worry about the stupid drama with my brothers gf and other family members that might just look down on me.im not a child anymore and i dont need these people.

im ready!!!

i might look into starting my own blog page, make it annoynomous and just talk about how im feeling day by day, and different things. if i do, do this i wil give you guys the name of the blog and updated on everything. mostly about weight lost lol

this website will still be my first place i run to when im neeeding support cause all the poeple on here have been very helpful and making me get what i need going.


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