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Some people believe that using drugs is their own choice and nobody should be able to tell you what you can put in your own body.

What if the substance you are protecting by saying it is your right to ingest whatever you want has killed loads of people and ruined even more lives? Would you still agree with the first statement?

What if the only reason you were able to use the substance was because a criminal gang murdered people to get the drug to you?

Does knowing you can enjoy a substance without your life falling completely apart satisfy you even though someone else undoubtedly suffered because the drug was able to make it’s way to you?

I understand that some drugs are less harmful than others. Let’s talk about weed for a second. It is now legal to buy pot in some states and it looks like in the near future weed will be a legal, regulated substance. This is somewhat ok because weed doesn’t destroy somebody like meth and it seems like there are medicinal benefits; at the same time it is possible for a child to ingest marijuana because of the availability. I don’t know about you but my grades in school suffered because of marijuana and I didn’t live up to my potential in school because I thought it was cool since everybody was doing it.

Now would it still be ok to legalize pot? If and only if responsible adults who were able to purchase it didn’t provide it to kids. That would cut the drug cartels out of the weed business if pot prices were low enough it wouldn’t make sense to buy the low grade stuff that is common practice for the drug gangs to peddle across the border.

That’s all a big if. I kind of hope that because weed legalization will soon happen that people choose that to get high instead of cocaine, meth, heroin, you know, the “hard stuff”.

That brings me back to my point. People will most likely seek out some sort of high, no matter what. Especially what is easily available. If we can cut the hard stuff out of the equation we just might be able to turn into a fully functioning, peaceful society.

Keep in mind that I support rehabilitation efforts over imprisonment.

So to those of you who actively campaign for the freedom to ingest whatever drugs you want in the name of freedom, I think that’s backwards thinking.


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  1. MikeWilson 9 years ago

    Good Thread to discuss on! Let’s start thinking that everybody don’t take drugs but are made to take it. May be reasons can be any. Still i say that people on their own get addicted. If you self-determined on not getting addicted then nobody will pull you towards addiction. Taking the case of medication, some medicines do carry addicted chemicals but doctors and other health care professional tell them the amount of intake. People who get addicted are only those who take overdoses just to get relief faster without knowing the outcome of it. So, i totally disagree on people are made to get addicted indirectly with the help of medication prescribed to them

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