I’m determined to find who gave me this curse.

I talked to all my ex’s within 5 years. The all tested negative… I’m to confront my latest ex tonight.

It’s been weeks since i found out i was HIV Positive. Two days ago, i found out how worse i’ve gone. I have a 14 CD4 count. It’s not just HIV… I have AIDS. I was advised to do the hypoallergenic diet which restricts me from eating a lot of the stuff i love. chicken, chocolates, mango, milk, pineapple, bread, strawberries, nuts, etc. i’ll attempt to scan the list and post it here for you. This is what i hate most about HIV/AIDS. But then again, I must keep calm and stay POSITIVE.

I’m meeting my college friends now and my favorite teacher. I hope all goes well.

It did… they asked me a lot everything about the meningitis but i never told them i was HIV positive.

I decided, to continue my masters in linguistics. I will get a job abroad. This is my plan B if ever my partner leaves me.

I thought of confronting my latest ex who could have probably given me the decease. I went to his shop. Without me asking anything, he just told me a story of an old friend who have probably gotten AIDS. They got tested when they found out and he was NEGATIVE. Then this must be from my current partner or someone injected me with an infected blood without me noticing. The later is so unlikely. I do not recall getting injected of anything. Then this must be from him, passed to him by his promiscuous ex unto me. An unwilling victim.

He should really get tested now. So i told him what i found out. His reply… “don’t worry about me. you worry about yourself first.” How would that solve anything? For now i end this blog.


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