Life is a journey,…not a destination


Well ,…I have listened to family during most of my illness and kept a low profile.  I think they were more worried about how others would perceive them (the stigma), but gave little thought if any that I might need a shoulder to give me strength.  I had been doing all I could to help them out and have always been the thoughtful and caring one but had come to the conclusion that the only one that has been getting hurt has been me.  During the last 2 years,…I have been coming more and more out of my shell, getting involved with my ASO and finding a sense of community that I had not been able to discover before.   And, after some contemplation, I had come to realize that what I have been missing out on is…life.

My journey had me for the first time as a guest speaker through my ASO at a local AIDS conference;"Opening Doors", and public speaking has not always been easy for me.  I was sharing a bit about myself and the journey that brought me to this place and that time.  I keep learning and growing and now that I have found friends for the first time in many years who understand and don’t judge me,…It is allowing me to look deeper into myself and to start discovering more about who I am and who I want to be.

I have been going for spirituality training with my native mentor; Don Turner ( I am Metis) and through his association, the journey has taken a new turn.  I was unable to attend the 2009 PHA Forum because I have been following another path.

Recently, through some soul searching, I am preparing a to tackle a new endeavour since I want my life to be around people and I still feel a need to ensure the wellfare of others.  What this means is that I have applied to college for a program as a Practical Nurse and am currently taking upgrading as a requirement.  (I have finished night school for gr. 12 English and Chemistry, not my best subject ever, but I was able to do well with both of them.)  It is still very scary but it is somehing that I feel I will be good at and I need a sense of purpose in my life.  In the fall I will be taking gr.12 Math and gr. 11 (college) Biology so that I can attend school for the January intake.

The journey continues………………….

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    I agree!

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