Being a person of science & a pragmatist to boot I've never really been able to fit religion & theological belief into my own mental scheme of the universe. I've made several overtures in the past but somehow the two never quite meshed in my mind & heart in a sincere & genuine way.


I'm around alot of people now who are near the end of their lives and coming to terms with their own individual mortalities. This has been an eye-opening experience for me insomuch as no matter how hard I try & put an equation to life & whatever comes afterward I cannot. I see them individually passing from time to time & wonder to myself "could this really be all there is"? Or perhaps as Shakespeare quoted in Hamlet "There is more in Heaven & Earth Horatio than can be explained by your Philosophy".


I'm solidly in my own middle-years now & have come to a crisis of conscious in my beliefs. I've always gone my own path in life & done the nontraditional ie never married or had kids etc & so really don't have a tangible legacy to leave or a mark which would tell the world that "I was here". People come to me & tell me that I need to "believe in something" but I always feel like I've just gone through the motions when it comes to belief in an intelligent design to the universe.


I guess where I'm going with all this is that on this particular date and weekend on the Julian Calendar we are reminded of death & renewed life which even if you're not a fundamental Believer in the Resurrection as I've not been you have to recognize that a certain order DOES exist in the laws of God or nature or whatever you want to call it. Maybe I'm just softening up a bit however I guess at some point I need to open my own eyes & see whats around me. That is all.

  1. buffster 8 years ago

    I actually DID know Einstein was a man of faith as well..he felt he was just giving mathematical significance to the mind of God..I appreciate all the comments & the fresh outlook on the wonder of life & what really DOES make it all tick..

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  2. xxjennaxx 8 years ago

    Well….  all i can say is that the human body in itself is enough for me to believe in God, something as amazing and intricate as the human anatomy can only be generated by an intelligent being. that is all. 🙂

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