My dad is a diabetic.  in september he has his leg amputated from under the knee down.  I have a step bro and step sister that barely called him until he went into the hospital. and then it was only because i let them know what was going on.


since the amputation Ive been there.  everyday to make sure he has everything he needs.  All the sudden the step brother decideds he needs to come over once a week to "help out".  ITS A 24HR JOB!!!!!  anyway he started his weekly visits and since im here along with my three children there is nothing he can do to "help"  so he comes over for the weekly visit.


he stays for about an hr b4 he starts to check his watch and saying he really needs to get going.  come on,  give me a break.  this is our dad.  it is very obvious that he does this so he can feel better about himself and less guilty.  then of course on those weekly visits i feel uncomfotable in my own home.


talk about psuedo-caring.  then of course after all these months after ive found a new place for us (my kids and my dad) to relocate so that were more comfortable,  i dont get a ty for taking care of dad or anything.  they (he and his wife) barely say hi to me.  but in their minds they r doing there good deed.


i know hes my fathers child and loves him 2 but sometimes i wish they would just stay away.  ive done it this long and now that the worse part is over they all the suddent what to "do" something.



  1. Reveiler 11 years ago


    some payments get from ourself some payments need to wait. The thing you are doing for your father is incredible and shall not be unpayed. If you belive in God then be sure that He will reward you for that.

    One of biggest problem of myself is also too much focusing on others. It would be nice if this world would be without wars, if we would all respect and love, but it isnt.

    When we will be healed from OCD there will not be signes on the sky, there wont be any special colors or something, but our feelings will be diffrent.

    I wish you all the best.

    I have problems with my brother also, i dont talk with him anymore.

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Men and in-laws aren't that great at nuturing.

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  3. dday318 11 years ago

    I've found that family can be very hurtful.  At least with good friends they seem to know their boundaries.  You are doing the right thing with your father and I'm sure he can see the transparency of others.  Good luck!

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